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[1]谭 勇.消防机器人视觉感知技术研究综述[J].绵阳师范学院学报,2018,(02):40-45.[doi:10.16276/j.cnki.cn51-1670/g.2018.02.008]
 TAN Yong.A Survey on Visual Perception for Firefighting Robots[J].Journal of Mianyang Normal University,2018,(02):40-45.[doi:10.16276/j.cnki.cn51-1670/g.2018.02.008]





A Survey on Visual Perception for Firefighting Robots
谭 勇
长江师范学院电子信息工程学院,重庆 408003
TAN Yong
School of Electronic Engineering, Yangtze Normal University, Chongqing 408003
消防机器人 视觉传感器 信息处理器 检测
firefighting robots visual sensors information processors detection
视觉感知是消防机器人获取、分析与理解火场环境信息的重要手段,是实现预定消防作业功能的重要基础.文章首先介绍了常用视觉传感器的特点以及基于这些传感器的消防机器人视觉系统组成结构,和实现消防机器人视觉系统控制,视觉信息处理的常用处理器以及相应的系统特性; 从火焰检测、人体检测、障碍物检测三个典型方面概述了视觉信息处理算法的发展现状.最后,总结了消防机器人视觉感知技术当前发展中存在的三方面不足,并以此阐述了其未来发展趋势.
Visual perception plays crucial roles for firefighting robot to acquire/understand environmental and works as the foundation for the robots to get firefighting capability. In this paper, a survey on the visual perception techniques developed for firefighting robots is conducted. Firstly, commonly used visual sensors and related architectures of visual systems are introduced. Then, the hardware processors working for visual system control and visual information processing are explored. Next, the perception algorithms including fire detection, human detection and obstacle detection are described. At last, the prospective technical trends are proposed after three shortages of the current visual perception techniques have been pointed out.


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作者简介:谭勇(1981— ),男,四川仁寿人,副教授,博士,研究方向:图像处理与模式识别.
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