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 DU Baoguo.Seed Size, Germination and Seedling Growth of Different Varieties of Phoenix Dactylifera[J].Journal of Mianyang Normal University,2018,(05):61-67.[doi:10.16276/j.cnki.cn51-1670/g.2018.05.013]





Seed Size, Germination and Seedling Growth of Different Varieties of Phoenix Dactylifera
1.绵阳师范学院生命科学与技术学院,四川绵阳 621006; 2.Chair of Tree Physiology, Institute of Forest Sciences, University of Freiburg, Freiburg, Germany 79110
DU Baoguo12
1.School of Life Science and Biotechnology, Mianyang Teachers' College,Mianyang, Sichuan 621006; 2.Chair of Tree Physiology, Institute of Forest Sciences, University of Freiburg, Freiburg, Germany 79110
椰枣(Phoenix dactylifera) 种子形态大小 发芽特征 生长能力 相关分析
Phoenix dactyliferaseed size germination rate growth potentialcorrelation analysis
为了认识不同品种椰枣种子的形态特征及其与发芽特征和生长能力的关系,从而为引种栽培提供指导.本文以热带亚热带地区重要的经济作物椰枣5个品种的种子为材料,对其形态大小以及发芽和幼苗生长特征进行了研究.结果表明,不同品种种子的形态和大小差异显著,Ajwa的种子呈胖圆形,单粒种子明显重于其余4个品种.Khalas和Khodry的种子最早萌发,其中Khalas种子的发芽率最高,为93.3%.Ajwa的种苗健壮,幼苗生长迅速,单日高生长达到0.5 cm,观察期内始终高于其他4个品种.实验还表明种子的大小和萌发特征没有
The aims of this study were to have a better view of the shape characteristics among different varieties of date palm(Phoenix dactylifera), and to evaluate the influence of seed mass on germination and seedling growth potential, and consequently to provide valuable information for date palm introduction and cultivation. Seeds size from 5 varieties of date palmis measured, and then seeds were subjected to germination. The germination rate, growth potential of seedlings is determined. Seed size varied significantly among different varieties and Ajwa had much bigger and heavier seeds than the others. Seeds of Khalas and Khodry germinated earlier than the other 3 varieties, and the highest germination rate was 93.3% observed in Khalas. Seedlings' shoot height and daily increment showed a positive relationship with seeds width, and seeds of Ajwa produced vigorous seedlings with a daily increment of 0.5 cm. However, no clear relationship between seed mass and germination ability was documented. Given the consideration that variety with heavier seeds can produce vigorous seedlings and develop root system faster, which may help to cope with detrimental environmental conditions, varieties with lager seed mass are recommended for introduction and plantation.


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